First, check VaccineSpotter

Updated every minute across several pharmacy chains such as Acme, CVS, Harris Teeter, Health Mart, Rite Aid, Safeway, Walgreens, and Walmart.

Cleveland 10-mile radius

Columbus 10-mile radius

Cincinnati 10-mile radius

Statewide search radius

Second, Sign Up on a Waitlist

The provider may contact you via email or phone to book your appointment when one is available.

University Hospitals Waitlist - Cleveland

Ohio State U. Medical Center Waitlist - Columbus

Third, use Twitter

If no appointments are available, follow these Twitter accounts. They tweet out appointments as they come available.

@OhioCovidBot (CVS)

@OhioVaccineBot (Wolstein Center - Cleveland)

Finally, Stay in the Game

Periodically refresh the websites. Some providers update at midnight or only certain days of the week. Check in the morning or when there's bad weather (people cancel every day).

Ohio's Vaccine Provider Finder